National Championship 2019

National Championship 2019: The 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship concludes tonight at Levi’s Stadium. Like every other football game, it will feature two teams, in this case Alabama and Clemson, and one broadcaster, ESPN.

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The 2019 National Championship Game will see the College Football Playoff semifinal winners in Alabama and Clemson playing for a title. Find game date, TV channel, time and CFP history below.

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Last year, Alabama rallied to beat Georgia for the title. This year, Alabama will meet familiar foe Clemson for the national championship in Santa Clara, Calif.

To watch that volume and make sure all the pieces are in place is a highlight for all of us to see it go from plan to working,” says LaChance. “You always have things that are challenges but it’s about how quickly you can recover, and I think we’ve done it well.”

The core of ESPN’s production efforts will be done out of Game Creek Video’s 79 A and B unit with Game Creek Nitro A and B unit handling game submix, EVS overflow, 360 replay, and robo ops and tape release. ESPN’s is creating 17 MegaCast offerings are on site and will be housed in Game Creek Nitro as well as Game Creek’s Edit 3 and Edit 4 trailers and TVTruck.TV’s Sophie HD. Game Creek Video’s Yogi, meanwhile, is on hand for studio operations and Maverick is also in the compound. All told 70 transmission paths (50 outbound and 20 inbound) will be flowing in and out of the compound and 40 miles of supplemental fiber and cable to what already exists at Levi’s Stadium has been deployed.

Other vendors include Fletcher who is providing robotics, BSI who is handling wired pylons and RF audio and video, 3G which is in charge of the line-to-gain Pyloncam and the First and 10 marker camera, Vicareo with the Ref Cams, and CAT Entertainment for UPS and power. SMT is on board for First and 10 lines, PSSI for uplink, Bexel for RF audio and other gear, and Illumination Dynamics for lighting.

“It’s a team effort and I couldn’t be prouder of the team we assembled here and the vendors, technicians, leads, and staff that have all, over the course of the last several months and weeks when it gets to a fever pitch, put it all together,” he says.

How did ESPN get to more than 300 cameras? A large number of the camera contingent is comprised of 160 4K DSLR cameras that are being deployed for the 4D Replay system that will provide definitive looks at every play from every angle. Those cameras are mounted around the stadium and, combined, provide imagery that can be merged together on computers and allow for an operator to zoom around a play and show any angle.

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